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Stay warm and toasty with larch firewood

Larch firewood
Larch firewood burning

We are always cutting larch timber, which means we have a plentiful supply of firewood all year round.

We never waste the surplus larch timber we have here at the mill - instead, all offcuts are further cut down to make larch firewood.  And because we cut larch all throughout the year to make fence panels, cladding, gates and more, we always have firewood available, whenever you need it. 

Why larch firewood from Cottenham Sawmills?

As well as being easy to ignite, larch is a high density softwood that burns with a high flame. The flame is generally hotter than comparative high density hardwoods, making larch an ideal choice for firewood. 

And of course we guarantee a year-round supply of larch firewood to homes and businesses across Cambridge. You can buy our firewood in bags or have it delivered locally by the truck load (approximately 1.25 cubic metres). We can also take orders for advance deliveries, just let us know what you need.

As well as larch firewood, we also sell larch kindling by the bag.

Send us a message for firewood and kindling prices, or to place an order.

Free Sawdust too!

Yes - we really do not waste a thing.  All the sawdust we collect is available for free. 

We give lots of it to local organic farm, Fen End Farm in Cottenham for their compost toilets.   If you need some sawdust, call in and see us.

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