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Why a good fence makes practical sense

Larch hit and miss fencing

We’ve been making fence panels here at Cottenham Sawmills for more years than I can remember. I often wonder how many panels we have produced in that time. But one thing’s for sure – we know our stuff and the importance of a strong, secure fence, so we thought we’d put our ideas down about fence panels in this here little blog. Great garden features When you think fencing, you tend to immediately think of perimeters and land boundaries as the most commonplace uses for a fence. But did you know, the humble fence panel also works well in the middle of the garden too? They can really neaten an area, making it look tidier - you can be creative with them too, introducing new spaces or making use of them as a feature. When you consider the different styles of timber fencing available, you can get a feel for the creative scope away from the edges of the garden. Make shady, secluded spots, border a patio or decked area, use them as an interesting alternative to trellis, as a backdrop for colourful blooms or natural grasses. Let your imagination run wild. Keeping you safe and secure

Of course, fencing around the perimeter of a property is a prerequisite for home and garden security. Rotten, broken or damaged fencing can make it easier for unwanted visitors to get in, bringing a security risk. Good quality fencing is solid, strong and puts that extra layer of inconvenience in the path of anyone uninvited. And it’s not just keeping people out. On those days when the children are playing in the garden, you want to know they are safe to play freely without being able to hurt themselves or escape out of the garden through any damaged fence panels. Dogs and other pets are safer outside when allowed to roam freely in a garden with secure fencing. It’s a small price to pay for overall family safety.

Feather edge fencing

A fence sells You will not believe how much a good fence makes to not only the price of your property, but it’s chance of being sold. Homebuyers that pull up to a property with damaged fencing the first thing they see, are immediately put off – it looks messy, untidy and gives a bad first impression. And if it’s alright at the front, but there’s significant damage or rotting to the fencing at the back of the property, buyers are straight away adding up in their heads the price to replace the fencing. Investment in your fencing can really pay off, especially if you have your eye set on moving to your next dream home.

What timber fencing is best?

Hand made thicker larch fence panels

There’s no right or wrong with timber fencing, a lot of it comes down to personal preference. Do you already have the posts and need a traditional lap panel? If you’re looking for something more modern, there’s hit and miss fencing. For maximum strength and security, feather edge fencing is ideal. And then there’s the timber – we make our fencing using larch and redwood. European larch is a natural weatherproof timber, exceptionally strong and very long-lasting. Its colours are stunning; rich reddish pinks and oranges come through and when allowed to weather, it fades to silvery grey. It doesn’t need treating but if you want to maintain the beautiful hues in your garden, it’s worth treating it. While larch is exceptionally strong, it’s a timber that takes experience and skill to work with, demanding more time and attention. Redwood timber by contrast is far easier to work with, which is why our redwood fencing is priced lower than that of larch. All the redwood timber we use here at the sawmill is pressure treated to give it extra strength, making it resistant to the elements and rot, thus lasting longer. Hand made with extra love The beautiful thing about buying fencing direct from a sawmill is not only are we are true timber experts offering the very best advice, but we are able to craft the finest timber products for you by hand. We can cut and make timber products to any size, including fencing. In fact, we recently set to work on making thicker fence panels to make sure we can supply a choice of the strongest fencing. Our handmade larch lap boards are now a third of an inch thicker, the batons too have been increased in size to 20-21mm. We have paid special attention to the tops of the panels; the caps have been increased from 50mm to 65mm so they are fatter with a wider overhang, helping to prevent even more, the weather getting to the panel. Similarly, with our larch feather edge boards the overall framework has been made thicker, likewise the batons and capping, and there is a generous 5mm overlap between boards. It’s all about making sure the people of Cambridge have a choice of high quality fencing from experienced timber specialists. If you are considering fencing for your home or you install fencing across the Cambridgeshire region, call in and see us to check out the new panels we have available. We’d also love to talk to you about design ideas for your garden, or what sort of fencing will work best for you.

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