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Protect your paddock with post & rail fencing

As many local folk reading this blog will know, not far from our humble sawmill in Cottenham lies the town of Newmarket in Suffolk. And of course, it only takes the mere mention of Newmarket for one thing to spring to mind and that’s horses, especially race horses. With the many training stables, paddocks and breeding studs, acres and acres of land across the Newmarket and Suffolk regions are devoted to rearing and training thousands of horses, and for that, a lot of fencing is required. Over the years, our sawmill has cut, supplied and installed a fair few posts and rails to supply our Newmarket-based customers with the very best larch timber fencing, to keep their horses safe. But it’s not just our equestrian friends that benefit from this type of fencing – post and rail fencing is also ideal for other agricultural needs, like small animal pens and enclosures.

Post & rail fencing is the preferred choice for keeping horses safe

In this blog post we look at the benefits of specifically larch timber post and rail fencing, its best uses and why getting it direct from a sawmill makes the most sense. The benefits of post and rail fencing There are plenty of types of fencing to choose from but when it comes to bordering open fields or keeping thoroughbreds safe, post and rail offers many advantages. It’s a style of fencing that won’t let you down (quite literally), being sturdy and strong, hence it’s often used as a perimeter enclosure across long stretches of land. But as well as being effective, it looks good - there is a definite natural countryside charm to post and rail fencing that travels as far as the eye can see, revealing views of landscaped areas and beyond.

Post and rail fencing offers great views of the land

But you don’t have to have acres of land to choose it – post and rail fencing can work just as well in a garden. You might want to segregate areas or create new spaces, border a pathway or even a neighbour’s garden. If open views through to another side are what you want to achieve, post and rail fencing is ideal.

Why larch timber for post and rail fencing? Larch is the champion of all timbers when it comes to standing the test of time. It’s naturally weatherproof so able to withstand the elements and aesthetically, over time, it weathers to a lovely colour with silvery-grey tones. It can be left untreated and if looked after can last more than fifteen years. With post and rail fencing, the posts last well in the ground as larch timber has a natural resistance to rot and thanks to its strength and durability, the rails are a safe yet effective measure for keeping the horses where they should be. Where else can larch post and rail fencing be used? Post and rail fencing makes for a very good pet or livestock enclosure. Whether in the garden for small animals to stay safe or for livestock on a farm, it’s straightforward and easy to attach mesh wire to the posts and rails, to keep both the animals inside and anyone on the outside, safe from harm. Where most people see post and rail fencing is out in the open fields where it not only looks fantastic with the view of the fields and beyond seen through the rails, but serves a practical purpose too. Post and rail is ideal for demarcation purposes because it’s one of the few types of fencing that offers true flexibility, allowing modest boundary curves to be followed. What do Cottenham Sawmills supply?

Freshly cut larch post & rail fencing

We supply the most versatile style of post and rail fencing at standard sizes.

Posts - 125 mm x 75 mm x 1.8m Rails - 100 mm x 38 mm x 3.6m rails If you wanted to roughly calculate the number of posts and rails you would need for your farm, paddock or garden space, we recommend one post for every 1.8 metres of fence, with an extra post to finish at the end and three rails for every 3.6m of fence. But of course, we are always happy to give you a quotation based on the number of metres required. Why buy post and rail fencing from a sawmill? We make our posts and rails here are the sawmill, cutting all the timber straight from the larch logs. That means you get the freshest, finest post and rail fencing for your farm, land or garden. And with our years of fencing experience, we can install any post and rail fencing for you too. That means there is no onward supply chain or third party for you to consider, buying from us means you cut out the middle man and ultimately save money. And don’t forget – using larch timber for your post and rail fencing guarantees excellent quality for years to come. You don’t have to have the timber treated but you can if you wish. If you need to replace any damaged post and rail fencing or you’re considering a new installation for your land or property, give us a call on 01954 251425 or contact us for a no obligation quotation today.

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