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Eight ideas for using timber in the garden

It’s officially National Gardening week! And with the warmer weather, the lighter days and the Bank Holiday season nearly upon us, our attentions focus to the garden – front and back, and getting them ship-shape ready for the Summer. Let us, your local sawmill, inspire you with ideas for using all-natural, sustainable, hand-cut timber in your gardens to create space, neaten things up and design something truly unique.

1. The rustic bench Whether you have the ideal sun spot or perfect secluded shaded area, nothing looks more natural and at home in the garden than a wooden bench. Especially one that’s been hand-made from oak or larch timber, blending into its surroundings with absolute ease. The perfect place for that morning cuppa or evening glass of wine… 2. Trellis – whatever size you want it Trellis is so versatile in the garden and can be used for more than just encouraging climbers to grow against a wall or fence panel. Use it to create stand-alone features in the middle of the garden, encouraging climbing plants but also to create a dramatic see-through effect to the rest of the garden. Out best-selling trellis is made from larch, a weatherproof timber, resistant to rot that looks fabulous for years to come. 3. Give the logs a home Where do you keep your logs for the wood burner or kindling for the fire? The weather’s not perfect all year round, so use the Summer months to your advantage and get a log store built so you can stock up on firewood, keeping it safe and dry until you need it. We can build larch timber log stores with or without doors, to any shape or size you need – we also have plenty of firewood and kindling for sale too!

4. The strongest and the best – larch fencing Whether larch lap or feather edge, our fence panels hand-made from larch timber are strong, sturdy and long lasting, thanks to the superior qualities of larch and its natural resistance to weather and rot. Of course, now’s the best time to fix any broken panels you may have that border your property, for maximum security. But much like the trellis, why not take a fence panel into the middle of the garden to create zones, whether for added privacy, to separate areas of the garden or simply to use as a statement feature. 5. Simple seat stumps What we love most about timber in the garden is its ability to blend seamlessly into its surrounding natural habitat. Which is why we love these tree stumps, sanded down perfectly to make a simple, stunning garden seat or attractive garden feature. We can cut timber logs to any size and welcome visitors to the mill to choose the perfect trunk. 6. Wake up your garden with sleepers Ever so practical – as well as keeping things neat and tidy in the garden, timber sleepers raise plant beds away from the ground which encourages growth and makes it easier for you to reach and tend to your plants. And you can be creative with them too – layer them to make seating, stack them to border your pond or stand them up to create a modern yet all natural, private seating area. We make sleepers from oak, larch and redwood timbers, cut to any size depending on your project or ideas.

7. Gateway to paradise The humble garden gate is as much needed for safety and security as it is to give that final finish to your garden border. Depending on the size of your garden, you might want to add a low-level gate to other areas, to properly separate your vegetable patch from the rest of the space or to create a safe playing area for the children. There’s so much potential above and beyond a gate for just access – and we can cut timber to make a gate and shape, size or style you need. 8. The world’s your timber! Well, you know what we mean. We can make pretty much anything you need for the garden, so come and see us with your ideas. From pet runs, to pet houses, bird boxes to kid’s play things – if you want to keep your garden looking natural, then timber is the perfect choice. All natural, and hand-cut from sustainably sourced logs, you know you’re putting only the very best for you, your family and the planet into your garden. Call us or visit us to talk timber ideas for your garden on 01954 251425 or contact us, and find our sawmill address in Cottenham. We welcome all visitors! And don’t forget – we also supply and fit fence panels, make sheds, sell firewood and so much more.

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