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Get your peepers on our fab timber sleepers


We stock and cut a range of softwood railway sleepers depending on the look you want for your garden

Redwood sleepers
If you're looking for a suitable alternative to reclaimed railway sleepers, pressure treated redwood timber sleepers are ideal thanks to their dark brown colour.  And of course, there's no risk of creosote or tar leaking from them.

A softwood, the redwood timber is pressure treated as standard to give it extra strength. 

Redwood is one of our more affordable timbers, making these sleepers ideal for many garden projects.

Larch sleepers

We use European larch for our larch timber sleepers.  Larch is a very hardy softwood with tough weatherproof qualities and a strong resistance to rot when in contact with the ground. 
That makes larch sleepers ideal for creating raised beds, children's play areas and ponds in gardens.  Of course they can be used for much more, but if you want a timber sleeper that lasts a long time when in contact with the ground, larch is a good choice.

Oak sleepers

Versatile, excellent quality and heavy too - oak timber sleepers cut straight from the tree look great when used for a multitude of garden projects.  Even when untreated, oak timber is naturally long lasting.  Get creative with oak sleepers and design raised beds, planters, garden seating and more.

If you would like more information on our timber sleepers, send us a quick message.  We can cut  sleepers to any size you need and deliver across the Cambridge region.

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